American Fork Amphitheatre
851 East 700 North American Fork, UT
 Located in Northern Utah County, it's not far from most major cities in Utah. It features beautiful park like landscaping, lots of open shade and a stone amphitheatre. This is the place for simple un-busy outdoor scenery.

**Antelope Island
150 South 600 East (Exit 332 off of I-15)
Located in the middle of the Great Salt Lake, Antelope Island is indeed a rare treasure.  Since it's protected as a state park, the wilderness on the island  has remained relatively untouched, allowing for beautiful landscape/wilderness pictures.  Fees for this location are charged by car and are minimal.  They're used to help upkeep the park, so I don't grumble too much about paying.

Bell Canyon Park
A little-known park located at the base of the mountains in Sandy. Long grass, stone walls, benches, and several interesting trees make for fun pictures. There are also several winding trails that lead to numerous other photo opportunities.

Bonneville Salt Flats
10 Miles East of Wendover, UT
Used in several movies ("Pirates of the Caribbean," "Back To The Future," "Star Wars"....), Bonneville Salt flats offers an expanse of seemingly endless white-colored sand.  Because of all of the salt that's in the soil, the flats reflect heat and sunlight, creating cool mirages and heat ripples.  This site is so much fun with bright colors and contemperary themes! 

**Camp Floyd Stagecoach Inn State Park
18035 West 1540 North Fairfield, UT
This location is well worth the traveling time. About a 20 minute drive from Lehi's main street, it offers the historic Stagecoach Inn and several large and beautiful trees. The inn has a wrap-around porch, a white-picket fence and Robin's-egg blue siding that makes for fun contrast. The fee for this location is a small donation to help keep the park up and running (if I remember correctly, it's only a couple of bucks.)

Cougar Park
4800 West 6200 South West Jordan, UT
Located in West Jordan, this park offers many great photo opportunities. With a wildlife preservation section that is fenced off, you are able to take beautiful "isolated location" pictures in the heart of the city. The park also offers a large field with carefully cared for grass and an elevated railroad track.

Dimple Dell Gully
10300 South 1300 East Sandy, UT
644 acres of pure nature!  Dimple Dell Gully has multiple trails, ponds and streams, and native plants and wildlife.  There is a little bit of hiking involved with this location, but it's well worth it to have access to such a plethera of prime photo spots.  Pet friendly for those of you that want to include your furry friends in your family portraits!

Draper Park
1020 East 12400 South Draper, UT
Hilly landscaping produces great back lighting for shots at this park. There are also several wooden bridges and fences, a couple of creeks, and a barn.  Just north of the park, there is also a stretch of railroad that is no longer in use.  Although it's a little overgrown, it still makes for cute pictures!

**Gardner Village
1100 West 7800 South West Jordan, UT
Literally a Village, this location has several cute stores and cobblestone streets. A creek that runs through the property sports several stone and wooden bridges in addition to a well maintained creek bank. There are also gazebos and benches scattered throughout. Gardner Village charges a $40 location fee, so be prepared to pay if you pick this location.

International Peace Gardens
1000 South 900 West Salt Lake City, UT
The International Peace Gardens is located at the back of a park as it's own separate garden. Many countries are represented with displays, and there is a small replica Eiffel Tower as well as pagodas and little cottages. There are many trees that sometimes interfere with noon light, so early mornings and evenings are the best.


Liberty Park
589 East 1300 South SLC, UT
Liberty Park is a popular urban park in Salt Lake City.  At 80 acres, it's the city's second largest park, being surpassed only by Sugarhouse park, which has 110 acres. The park features a pond with two islands, and is also the location of Tracy Aviary.  There is also a water feature dedicated to and modeled after the canyons that run along the east side of the valley.  Great spot for kids, as they can play in the water, but beautiful for all sorts of other types of pictures! 

Memory Grove
370 North Canyon Road SLC, UT
Memory Grove is the quintessential bridal photography location. It has a wide variety of places to shoot. The park itself has columns, stone steps and a bridge. The lawn and flowers are well kept and there is also a pretty river and a small pond. Hike a little further North and you can use the wooded areas for more natural scenery. This is a popular place for family portraits as well.

Murray Park
State Street and 5109 South (Murray Park Ln) Murray, UT
Situated just across from the new hospital in Murray, this park offers bridges, gazebos, and a creek for fun picture taking.  It's best to avoid this park on the weekends because it's a Utah favorite and tends to get a little crowded. 

Provo Castle
This massive stone structure is located at the end of Provo's center street next to the mountains. With winding stone staircases and masterfully crafted ramparts, this is the perfect place for single-subject photo shoots. A favorite spot for graduates and brides.

Taylorsville Park
5400 S 1200 W. Taylorsville UT

**Thanksgiving Point
3003 Thanksgiving Way Lehi, UT
This location has fields of flowers and crops that provide lots of vibrant colors. Bridges, stone columns and ornate benches are also spread throughout the gardens.

The Great Salt Lake
12408 West Saltair Dr. Magna, Utah
Although not necessarily fun to swim in, the Great Salt Lake makes for great beach pictures. Because of the harsh lighting cast off of the water and the sand during the middle of the day, the best times to use this location would be early morning and dusk.

Any spot along the Great Salt Lake's beach is perfect for picture taking.  My personal favorite spot, however, is about 10 minutes west of Saltair, where a tall, wave-carved rock sticks out of the sand.  The rock is a great backdrop for pictures, and makes them look like they were actually taken at the ocean.

There is also a Graffiti memorial building directly east of Saltair.  It has an old boxcar on location as well that makes for great grunge pictures. 

Although the water level has shrunk a little, you can still reach it just as long as you aren't afraid of a little hike.  Ladies, keep in mind that you'll probably be carrying your heels! 

**This Is The Place
2601 East Sunnyside Ave Salt Lake City, UT
One of Utah's most prized historic monuments, This is The Place boasts a wide assortment of locations for rural photographs. Based around the 1800's time period, the houses, horse drawn buggies, and crop fields make any photo shoot magical.

Wheeler Historic Farm
6351 South 900 East Murray, UT
Offers indoor as well as outdoor photo locations. The main barn has beautifully crafted wood banisters, staircases, and floors. Outside there are creeks with little bridges, buildings, wagons.... basically anything you would find on a farm! The animals on the farm help make some cute candid moments, especially for the kiddos!  Although there is no sitting fee charged, groups need to call in advance and check in at the main office.


*Downtown Salt Lake City
Pick almost any street in Downtown Salt Lake City and you will find several great photo spots. From old buildings to graffiti, this city has endless possibilities. Even a speeding Trax train can be used as a backdrop for photos. The sky's the limit!

*Exchange Place Downtown
350 South Main Street SLC, UT
If graffiti and urban grunge are more your style, check out Exchange Place in Downtown Salt Lake City. Brick walls and alleyways as well as colorful graffiti art can be found around every corner.

*Joseph Smith Memorial Building
52 N. Main Street SLC

Main Street Midvale
7700 South Main Street Midvale, UT
Perfect for that "simpler times" feeling. With an old-school movie cinema and several old store fronts, benches and street lamps, this place really brings the past to life.

Main Street Park City

President's Circle At the University Of Utah
200 South University Street (About 1300 East) SLC, UT
As old as the city itself, this location has a lot of character.  Kingsbury hall, The Utah Museum of Natural History and several old class buildings give this area a cultured feel and look.  The central portion of the circle also offers a winding path through a grove of beautiful trees. 

724 East 3230 North Provo, UT
Riverwoods is "a city within a city." Buildings in this area have brightly colored and generously textured walls that provide vivid contrast for all types of pictures. A favorite spot for Graduation and Engagement Pictures.

*Salt Lake City Library
210 East 400 South SLC, UT
This newly built modern structure has opportunities to shoot indoors and out using natural lighting thanks to walls of windows. This is a perfect place for urban style engagements and casual bridals.

12408 West Saltair Dr. Magna, UT
For those of you born and raised in Utah, you will no doubt have heard about The Saltair.  This concert hall burned to the ground several times, only to be built anew again and again, each time more beautiful (and interesting) then the last.  Pictures are able to be taken inside as long as you call in advance and check with the main office. 

*Temple Square
50 W. North Temple SLC, UT
Even if you choose not to use the iconic LDS temple in the background of your portraits there is still a wealth of beautiful areas to shoot at. The grounds are immaculately kept and gardeners keep the flowers blooming all summer long. Don't overlook the areas around the Lion House Pantry and the office buildings. There are beautiful places there to shoot as well.

The Capital Building
350 N. Main Street SLC
This awe-inspiring building sits high up on a hill overlooking Salt Lake City.  It's a renaissance revival-style building with sweeping staircases and manicured lawns.  It's polished floors and gold-guilded hand rails add a touch of elegance, giving the feeling of a "black-tie affair" to any pictures that are taken there.  The long staircases are great for brides with wedding dresses with long trains, as they can be spread out in their entirety.

*The Gateway
90 South 400 West SLC, UT
With it's large water fountain, the Gateway makes a great photo shoot for the playful at heart. Long staircases, ornate store fronts and benches also make this shopping center a great place for pictures. Best for Engagements, but would be suitable for families as well.

The Great Salt Lake
12408 West Saltair Drive Magna, UT
In addition to being a beautiful backdrop for scenic photo shoots, the Great Salt Lake also has several abandoned buildings, old cars, and an abandoned railroad track. If you can't make up your mind as to which type of photo backdrop you would like, this is the recommended choice because you get the best of both worlds!

Trolley Square
About 500 South 700 East SLC, UT
This historic shopping center has cobbled streets and elegant iron staircases. Storefronts are well maintained and eye catching, allowing for great photos to be taken anywhere. Free parking!

*Possible Parking Fees
**Location Fees Charged

Do you know of any fun photo locations that aren't on my list?  Willing to share?  Leave a comment!
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